Testing physical performance properties of synthetic, natural or recycled fibers at CTT.

Looking for new fiber supplier, want to characterize the potential of by-products from textile recycling, evaluate the performance of local natural fiber such as wool, hemp, flax; evaluate the potential risk for fiber release in your finished product…

The development of products using new fibers is important and bring manufacturers to have data on these raw materials. The CTT developed this capacity to support manufacturers initiatives.

Physical properties of interest can be evaluated, here are some details:

Linear density of single fibers is measured by Vibroscope. This measurement indicates the fiber “size” and is expressed in dtex (decitex).

Tensile strength and elongation: a single fiber is fixed within two clamps and stretched until it breaks. The load needed to break the fiber is recorded. Results are expressed in cN (centinewton).
During this test, elongation at break is also measured with the displacement of one of the jaws. The work to break value, in cN*cm is available on demand.

The Tenacity of the fiber is expressed in cN/tex and calculated using the tensile strength compared with the linear density.

Crimp measurement: the crimp of fibers is the expression of the waviness of each individual fiber. An optical measurement is performed to count the number of crimps per centimeter of fiber, the crimp length and crimp amplitude (in mm).

All these measurements are performed on the same individual fiber.
To facilitate your project, CTT provides 1 single report for all those measurements.

Depending on the test method. 25 or 50 individual measurements are performed. Additional measurements can be performed when statistical evaluation is required. These measurements are performed on our FAVIMAT+ by Textechno

Test methods related to these properties:
ASTM D1577: linear density of individual fibers, by vibroscope 
ISO 5079 and ASTM D3822: tensile properties of single textile fibers

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