Sustainability and the principles of circular economy are at the heart of today’s consumer concerns. Governments in many countries are also more committed than ever to legislating for the benefit of the environment, including tightening environmental standards that frame the industrial world.

Milkweed fibers in nature.

Photo showing a textile’s water repellency using a biosourced, fluorine-free formulation.

Hemp fibers after various processing stages for preparation.

The textile industry is well on its way to going green, as evidenced by the craze for biosourced textile materials, ethical fashion, natural fibers or vegetable or natural dyes.

The ecotextile sector is developing rapidly and growing in importance, year after year.

Whether it is developing bio-based alternatives to certain polluting chemical compounds, identifying ways to recover textile waste or improving natural fiber processing, CTT Group helps manufacturers make their textile or geosynthetic products more environmentally responsible, while complying with the expected quality standards, by market category or by application.



ECOTEXTILE Research Chair