Anticipating the durability of your product and estimating its life span for a specific application is an essential part of any product development. CTT Group has the expertise and equipment necessary to perform some of the most comprehensive and advanced accelerated aging tests in the industry.

UV exposure of textile samples

Accelerated ageing bench for materials

Evaluation of the color fastness of textiles

Some textile or geosynthetic products are designed to last a long time. This is the case for products used in the construction sector, in engineering works, in building materials or in landfills. Some geomembranes or building materials, such as roofing, must have a durability of 25, 50, even 100 years. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), whether used in the medical sector, in firefighting or for common professional tasks (electricians, welders, firefighters, etc.), must also demonstrate performance durability.

CTT Group experts can evaluate the durability of virtually any textile or geosynthetic product we develop with you by subjecting it to various types of exposure to generate accelerated aging:

  • Thermal aging, temperature cycling (ASTM D5721, ASTM D3045, ASTM F1980);
  • Static loading on geosynthetics, (ASTM D6992, ASTM D7361, ASTM D5397);
  • Exposure to sunlight by direct or indirect ultraviolet radiation (ASTM D7238, ASTM D4355, AATCC 16);
  • Exposure to moisture, salt fog, etc. (ASTM B117);
  • Repeated washings (CAN/CGSB 4.2 No. 58, AATCC 135, ISO 6330);
  • Repeated flexing (ASTM D2097, ASTM F392, ISO 4675), which can be performed at room temperature or at low temperatures, down to -60°C;
  • Exposure to chemicals, hydrocarbons, etc. (CAN ULC S668; ASTM D5322).