Protection against extreme cold is an essential element in the development of insulating materials for all types of applications: personal protective equipment for workers exposed to the environment, textiles used in sporting goods, and building shells. It can be used to improve the comfort of users, to protect them from dangerous overexposure, or to reduce the energy impact of buildings.

Low temperature bending (-40 ° C) of coated / laminated textile prototype

Development of testing methodology for evaluating the insulating properties of gloves

Evaluation of the thermal comfort rating of winter boots

CTT Group helps manufacturers identify and select the best textile and geosynthetic products for the cold.

Developing and evaluating textile materials designed for extreme cold is a specialty that CTT Group has been refining for several years.

Over time, we have had to design and develop a series of unique laboratory tests to measure the insulating capacity of a textile material under various simulated conditions, to evaluate its thermal comfort, or to characterize the performance of heated textile products.

In addition to measuring the insulating properties of textile components, over the years we have developed tests adapted to finished products such as winter boots, gloves and balaclavas.


Justine Decaens, Valério Izquierdo, Marion Zech