How to participate in your next Team Textile Canada mission?2021-08-18T19:32:51-04:00

Visit our web page for upcoming TTC missions and send an email request to info@gcttg.com if you wish to participate.

How to propose a trade show for a possible Team Textile Canada mission?2021-08-18T19:32:14-04:00

Team Textile Canada is open to organizing participation in trade shows of interest to Canadian manufacturers. You can send your trade show proposals to info@gcttg.com . Our upcoming trade missions are identified on this page.


I do my own Research and Development of products. Can I use your technical services to evaluate my developments?2021-08-18T19:33:16-04:00

Yes: our Technical Services team has all the expertise and equipment to evaluate your developments. The various accreditations of our laboratories guarantee the reliability of our expertise and the confidentiality of our work.

What is the lead time for a test?2021-07-05T15:02:13-04:00

Usually 5-10 business days, but some tests can be lengthy to complete. Details are shown in service offers, to the right of each test.

Do you have a general list of tests?2021-07-05T15:03:40-04:00

No, because material characterizations vary from one project to the next. Part of our expertise can be found using our search bar and you can view our accreditations here. You can also contact us.

What document should I include with my sample?2021-07-05T15:03:52-04:00

A copy of your signed order form or service offer. Do not forget to provide us with the identification of your product and to indicate the side and the length direction (machine) on your product, if applicable.

What address can I send my products to?2021-07-08T15:07:53-04:00

CTT Group
3000 Avenue Boullé, door 10
Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
J2S 1H9, Canada

What are your hours of operation?2021-07-05T15:04:51-04:00

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Can we deliver samples to you in person after hours?2021-07-05T15:05:59-04:00

No, only during business hours.

Is your work kept confidential for my company?2021-07-05T15:06:08-04:00

Yes. One of the criteria of our ISO 17025 accreditation specifically covers this point, and we are used to entering into confidentiality agreements for research and development projects.

Do you have access to subsidy programs to carry out development projects?2021-07-05T15:06:41-04:00

Yes, absolutely! As a technology transfer centre, we can provide your project with various grants. For the list of grants, see the Financial Support section. To discuss your business and project’s eligibility for any of the programs, please feel free to contact us.

Can we use your prototyping equipment ourselves?2021-07-05T15:07:01-04:00

Our prototyping equipment is operated by technicians trained specifically on this equipment and with all the knowledge about settings and optimal configurations to produce the fabric that meets your needs. However, it is possible to assist with prototyping steps.

Is it possible to have access to prototyping services without being involved in a research project?2021-07-05T15:07:51-04:00

Absolutely ! We offer contractual prototyping services according to your needs: no less, no more!

I would like to do development and have access to funding sources, but I am not comfortable with the financial package for a grant application. Do you offer support?2021-07-05T15:08:19-04:00

We can assist you with the steps to apply for a grant. We advise you on the most suitable solution depending on the nature of the project, the planned duration, etc. Most of the time, the team at CTT Group takes care of writing the file. Contact us!

What are the success rates when submitting a grant application?2021-07-05T15:08:53-04:00

The success rate varies by program. Some programs are more demanding than others. However, on average (all programs combined) we have an acceptance rate of around 80%.

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