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Team Textile Canada is an initiative of the CTT Group and financially supported by the CanExport program of Global Affairs Canada, which brings together SMEs in the Canadian textile industry with the objective to increase the visibility of their products and know-how at an international level.

Team Textile Canada CAMx – 2019 Mission

Team Textile Canada A+A 2019 Mission

Team Textile Canada ITMA 2019 Mission


  • Team Textile Canada acts as a facilitator by coordinating and overseeing participating SMEs during trade missions, trade fairs and international conferences that CTT Group takes part in.
    During these trade missions, the Team Textile Canada team facilitates contact with representatives of Canada and Quebec abroad. These representations allow participating SMEs to discover the various peculiarities of candidate countries, to obtain appropriate advice and to participate in information and networking activities.
    For participating companies, the significant economic benefits are numerous, whether it is to find new foreign customers, new strategic partners, new sources of supply or to ensure a technology watch. In addition, during these missions, the Team Textile Canada team promotes the know-how of Canadian manufacturing SMEs.
    A participatory approach: Canadian manufacturing SMEs are invited to present their willingness to visit international trade shows or international trade fairs by providing CTT Group with the name, date and location of the event. The team at CTT Group will contact you to study the feasibility of organizing a Team Textile Canada mission based on potential business opportunities.
    To find out about upcoming Team Textile Canada missions, see this page. To find out how to participate in our next mission or to propose a trade fair that could be the subject of a Team Textile Canada mission, contact us !
  • Team Textile Canada and CTT Group are financial and strategic partners of the Weave platform, a virtual showcase that brings together Canadian manufacturers and processors of technical textiles. Team Textile Canada promotes the companies registered on the platform when it participates in various trade missions around the world.
    This directory is a real tool for disseminating Canadian know-how, which makes it possible to highlight the manufacturing skills of Canadian SMEs in technical textiles. It is available in booths at trade shows that Team Textile Canada participates in.
    To register your business in the Weave directory or update your information, click here.

Team Textile Canada’s activities are supported by CanExport program of Global Affairs Canada.