Used in many sectors including personal protection, construction, the medical sector and the automotive industry, Technical Use Textiles (TUT) bring together a wide range of textile products with improved properties. They are intended for specific uses requiring superior performance.

Consolidation of natural fiber insulation via dispersion of Bico fusible fibers (binder)

Weaving of glass fiber integrating optical fibers

Orthopedic insoles with anti-odour treatment

Technical textiles use a variety of textile processes (non-woven, woven, knitted) and finishes (coating, printing, lamination, dyeing), whether to produce cleaning wipes for road bridge decks, surgical compresses in seat belts, or personal protective clothing with biocompatible prostheses.

The Technical Use Textiles (TUT) sector is extremely standardized and at times requires certifications to be able to use them in their respective markets. Thanks to experts in these different fields, CTT Group’s team excels at understanding characterization standards and other technical requirements.

CTT Group supports companies in the textile industry wishing to take advantage of the growing technical textiles market, whether it involves testing the use of innovative materials, developing products or adopting innovative processes.


Patricia Forcier, Justine Decaens, Vincent Deregnaucourt