Behaviour in water is a key criterion for certain textile or geosynthetic materials. CTT Group experts can help your company to evaluate the waterproofing, permeability or transmissivity of your products in development.

Moisture management measurement (AATCC 195)

Water permeability of textiles (AATCC 127, AAMI PB70 CAN/CGSB 4.2 No 26.3)

Water penetration test under impact (AATCC 42, AAMI PB70)

The waterproofing of clothing used in the medical sector, tents or outdoor shelters can be measured by means of laboratory tests.

The water vapor permeability of a material is also important data, especially in determining how well a garment will “breathe” by allowing perspiration to escape. This is a major property of outdoor sports textile products, and a essential property for some personal protective equipment, such as firefighter clothing.

In the case of geosynthetic drainage materials, the transmissivity or permittivity, i.e. the rate of water flowing out of a material, will be measured.

  • Hydrostatic resistance, liquid impermeability (AATCC 127, ASTM D751, ASTM F1670);
  • Water vapor permeability (ASTM E96, ISO 11092);
  • Transmissivity of water flow within a drainage layer (ASTM D4716, ISO 12958);
  • Permittivity of liquid flow perpendicular to the plane of the measuring geotextile (ASTM D4491, CAN/CGSB-148.1 No. 4);
  • Surface wetting, water repellency, contact angle (AATCC 22, CAN/CGSB 4.2 No. 26.2, ASTM D7490);
  • Water absorption measurements including volume absorbed, drying rate (AATCC 195, ASTM D570, INDA 10.1);
  • Hydrolysis (ISO TR 20432);
  • Filtration aperture (FOS following CAN/CGSB 148.1-No. 10), apparent aperture size (AOS following ASTM D4751).

In the field of clothing, sportswear, work uniforms and personal protective equipment, water resistance can also be associated with comfort properties: a textile set that lets water vapor through, dries quickly, etc.

This is a type of test that CTT Group can perform to evaluate the resistance to water penetration, using a hydrostatic column, on textiles and various sealed seams.