Sustainable Innovation: Textile insulators composed of 85% recycled fibers.

In partnership with the NRC National Research Council of Canada, CTT Group has reached a new milestone in the development of environmentally friendly textiles. We have been able to card a blend of recycled fibers and polypropylene, in proportions ranging from 50/50 to 85/15. This project was funded by ECCC Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Our recycled fibers come from used clothing, carefully defibrated through collaboration with General Recycled. By adding only 15% polypropylene as accompanying fibers, we have been able to create high-quality prototypes. These prototypes were carded to achieve an average surface mass of 200g/m², then consolidated by needling.

Our teams are currently researching opportunities in the field of reinforcements for polymeric and composite materials.

This innovation contributes to reducing textile waste and promoting a circular economy by offering sustainable solutions for the industry.

This project contributes to the achievement of the following SDGs:

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