Developed for many applications (infrastructure, roads, civil engineering, environmental protection, waste management, drainage and irrigation, building envelopes), geosynthetics are alternative materials to conventional construction materials and include a multitude of specific products.

Evaluation of hydrostatic puncture of a geomembrane in contact with subgrade granulates.

Evaluation of the tensile strength of a rib of a geogrid, at high temperature.

Drainage geocomposite.

Geomembranes are used in environment and civil engineering sectors for containment or damproofing, preventing water infiltration or contamination from  pollutants. In addition to being thin, flexible, and waterproof, geomembranes must be durable in order to comply with current guarantees and standards.

Geotextiles are mainly used for soil separation, filtration and damage protection. We are working to improve methods of analysis and to predict the behavior of these materials under extreme stress, particularly to anticipate punching or clogging in real-life situations.

Drainage geocomposites are used for drainage, either surface or underground; with water, leachates, or other liquids (i.e. chemicals). CTT Group has developed a special expertise in improving theperformance and durablity of these products for geotechnical and industrial applications.

Beyond these few examples of product development, we are actively involved in the evaluation of material durability, including service lifetime assessment.

David Beaumier, Omar Kamla