In order to develop market-ready products, we focus on serving our customers with standard and industry-recognized methods; however, innovative materials, new applications or niche markets drive us to develop new measurement methods and techniques.

Team discussing Test planning for prototypes under development

Special assembly for Arctic Climate projects

Team discussing Test planning for prototypes under development

With extensive experience in the characterization of textile and geosynthetic materials, CTT Group has developed a recognized competence in designing means to characterize customized materials.

Some of these measurement techniques are proposed for standardization by organizations such as BNQ, ASTM and ISO.

Here are some examples of our achievements:

  • Flammability: heat transfer measurement bench through materials exposed to radiant heat.
  • Comfort and Protection:
    • 3D thermal foot for rating the thermal comfort of winter boots, in partnership with the Footwear Manufacturers Association of Canada;
    • Thermal insulating capability for an arctic climate (measured at low temperature and with wind chill).
  • Smart Textiles:
    • Accelerated aging protocol for evaluating biometric electrode degradation (perspiration and washings);
    • Measurement method for evaluating heated textiles.
  • Accelerated aging:
    • Characterization of thermal insulation in compression (under stress) with thermographic camera;
    • Dynamometric aging protocol of piezoresistive membrane;
    • Thermal degradation evaluation bench for a textile heating element in a confined environment;
    • Shelf-life of medical products, based on the ASTM F1980 accelerated aging guide.
  • Physical property of geomembranes (evaluation of temperature increase generated by exposure to UV radiation).
  • Dynamometry:
    • Coefficient of friction measurement of artificial snow on roofing membranes;
    • Behaviour of textiles at low and high temperatures;
    • Impact resistance of a flexible geosynthetic placed under tension at low and high temperatures.
  • Chemistry: various techniques for measuring the presence of elements (ICP-OES) or molecules (VOC, GC-MS, HPLC…) in natural or synthetic materials.

Our multidisciplinary and dynamic team understands the challenges faced by companies that conduct internal development.