CTT Group: driving innovation at the heart of a constantly evolving industry

CTT Group supports the growth of companies in the textile industry and geosynthetics through technical services, research and development, and expertise in product innovation and improvement. CTT Group also contributes to the overall development of the industry by supporting initiatives related to workforce renewal. CTT Group is therefore an essential driver of innovation at the heart of a constantly evolving industry.

To be a generator of technological innovation and economic expansion for the textile and technical materials industry.

The core values shared by our Management team and Employees are:

  1. Integrity of our approach, our confidentiality and the information transmitted
  2. Quality of the services provided and the relationship with our clients
  3. Consideration and partnership to team up with our clients
  4. Innovation to stay at the forefront
  5. Professionalism and expertise, the cutting edge of technology
  6. Timeliness of the response to satisfy our customers
  7. Respect and courtesy in a pleasant and collaborative work environment, allowing for a balanced life and knowledge sharing.
  8. Accomplishment of our employees through their continuous professional development, applied to a common passion.