CTT offers the opportunity to prototype textile fibers in the form of needle-punched nonwoven for your product development projects. Our nonwoven production line is designed at a prototype scale, with a width of 70 cm. This allows us to minimize raw material requirements, facilitating iterative testing with variable parameters.

Prototyping is quick and cost-effective.

The pilot line comprises:

  • a carding machine for fiber preparation and parallelization;
  • a cross-lapper to increase the thickness of the finished product;
  • a needle-punching machine for consolidating the web.

The equipment enables the management of several production parameters, allowing the creation of nonwovens ranging from 40 to 1000 g/m², with a maximum width of 70 cm. We also have a nozzle for producing needle-punched composites, including, for example, a filtering material between two nonwovens, assembled by needle-punching.

Some achievements over the years include: bicomponent synthetic fibers, recycled fibers, hemp fibers, milkweed fibers, and various animal fleeces.
A new equipment is planned to optimize our prototyping capabilities and support industry development efforts.

Stay tuned for our updates during the next months.