Caster WheelWe are thrilled to introduce our latest equipment: weighted roller chair castors FLOOR TESTING MACHINE designed for rotation testing, compliant with both ASTM D6962 and ISO 4918 standards, and used in the specification NALFA UL 01.

This new addition enables us to conduct precise tests to evaluate the impact of rolling weight on various flooring surfaces.

Our equipment simulates real-world conditions by subjecting the sample to the cyclic rotation under adjustable loads and cycles.

A floor covering, including one or more joints, treated or welded where necessary, is submitted for a prescribed number of cycles to the action of three castors. The castors move in epicyclical paths with multiple changes of direction, stops and starts, and the frequency of passage varies from area to area. This equipment allows us to conduct comprehensive assessments on Textile, Resilient, and Laminate floor coverings, offering valuable insights into their durability and performance.

The machine, operating in accordance with ASTM D6962, utilizes weighted roller chair tester device that performs circular cycling motions to simulate the stress on a pile yarn floor covering over an extended period of time. This method is used to prepare specimens for additional testing, including but not limited to: visual assessment of delamination of the secondary backing, visual assessment of the pile surface, resistance to delamination measurement, tuft bind, and pile yarn raveling.

Additionally, following the ISO 4918 standard, our equipment provides us possibility to determine changes in appearance, stability, and potential damage of textile floor coverings caused by the movement of a castor chair. Also, for resilient and laminate floor coverings, our testing methods identify damage resulting from detachment of layers, opening of joints, or crazing of the specimen.

Our equipment is versatile, catering to Textile floor coverings, Resilient floor coverings, and Laminate floor coverings.

With this advanced equipment, we’re equipped to provide comprehensive assessments, ensuring the durability and quality of various flooring surfaces. Reach out to us to learn more about how our rotation test capabilities can benefit your specific needs and projects!

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