Le 11 octobre 2023, AGA et le Groupe CTT célébreront le 40e anniversaire en présence de près de 250 participants et d’une visite de leurs installations présentant des matériaux textiles avancés et des prototypes industriels.

At the invitation of the Chairman of the CTT Group’s Board of Directors, Mr. Nicolas Juillard, as well as its CEO, Dr. Olivier Vermeersch, the CTT team and its industrial and institutional partners enthusiastically celebrated the 40th anniversary of existence of the CTT Group, this October 11, 2023.

Nearly 250 people had the pleasure of participating in this memorable reunion event.

We had the pleasure of receiving kind words from Mr. André Beauregard, Mayor of Saint-Hyacinthe, Ms. Chantal Soucy, Member of Parliament for Saint-Hyacinthe, first vice-president of the National Assembly, Mr. Simon-Pierre Savard-Tremblay, Member of Parliament for Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot, Mr. Benoit Lessard, acting General Manager of Cégep de St-Hyacinthe, Mr. Marc-Olivier Kenmo, General Manager of CSMO Textile and Mr. Jean Lortie, President Commission des partenaires du marché du travail(CPMT)

Mr Juillard and Mr Vermeersch then took the floor and allowed the participants of this exceptional day to recall precious memories of former leaders, colleagues, events and to review the path traveled with the entire textile and geosynthetics industry during these 40 years of partnership in innovation, development of cutting-edge technologies and continuous improvement of our skills.

During this event, we were keen to express our sincere gratitude to the general managers and presidents of the BoD who have shaped the CTT since its beginnings in 1983, in a collaborative spirit with the industry and our institutions. We warmly thank them for their vision and unparalleled contribution, as well as for their presence during this event.

Presidents of the board of directors: Jacques Lamer (1983-1988), Marcel Thibault (1988-1990), Claude Lemire (1990-1992), Bernard Rose (1992-2002), François Lapierre (2002-2010), Nicolas Juillard (2010-2013), Robert Bélanger (2013-2019), Ronald Audet (2019-2020).

General managers: Pierre Cartier (1983-1986), Christine Martel (1986-1992), Gérard Lombard (1992-1994), Ray-Marc Dumoulin (1994-2000), Jacek Mlynarek (2000-2019).

To conclude this memorable day, we also had the pleasure of offering a complete tour of our facilities, including demonstrations of performance evaluation of advanced textile materials and presentations of prototypes developed for the industry.

We would like to thank our industrial partners who warmly contributed to the organization of the 40th anniversary events:

Platinum Partner : Duvaltex, Logistik Unicorp ; Textiles Monterey, Stedfast

Gold Partner : Alkegen ; Groupe Calko ; Oratex ; YKK

Silver Partner : Naizil ; Soleno textile

Bronze Partner : Bekaert Deslee ; Entoilages & Biais Block; Cansew; Filspec; Lincoln Fabrics; MIP; Texonic