Today, environmental protection is an imperative. Public awareness and active NGO pressures have prompted governments to tighten regulations.

When it comes to protecting the environment, geosynthetics and geotextiles are a solution.

The impact of climate change, which has increased the number of exceptional weather events, has given rise to more rigorous environmental requirements that limit waste contamination in the air and in the ground. Geomembranes and geosynthetic clay liners protect the environment from leachate infiltration from landfills, groundwater from liquid waste lagoons and they limit soil erosion.

Contaminants in the environment can also be invisible, as is the case for nanomaterials and VOC’s. We at CTT are equipped to detect and to measure the concentration of these infinitely minute pollutants.

CTT Group is a world leader in the testing of geosynthetics. Whether you need to measure the permeability of a geosynthetic textile against liquids or gasses, or its durability and resistance, we can provide the expertise required to test your products.

We also work extensively in Geosynthetics R & D and Innovation. Our team of researchers is focused on developing new materials dedicated to environmental protection and new technologies that will limit the impact of industry and mining on the environment.