With the extraordinary growth in the global demand for energy and mineral resources comes extraordinary opportunity for the geosynthetics and technical textiles industries. If you operate in one of these sectors and are concerned with workers’ safety, if your industry requires protective clothing or if you are faced with challenges in civil and mining engineering that require geosynthetic textiles, we can provide assistance. Our team of experts can help you to select the proper products, analyze their performance, test materials for compliance and evaluate projects.

Our geosynthetics testing laboratory services for the mining industry include puncture testing under very high stress, interface shear strength, permeability of barrier materials, aging of geosynthetics in harsh environments and numerous other tests.

Our mining R & D team specializes in barrier material testing capabilities (as for example, for gas permeability) and in material formulation skills.

Our experts can assist you in the selection of possible lining materials and in the assessment of their resistance to chemicals.  We can also help you to determine specific installation procedures of lining materials.


  • OIL
  • GAS


Workers in the mining and energy sectors very often face harsh natural conditions. Extreme weather can be a factor, exposure to hazardous materials may occur, work sites often operate at night or personnel needs to perform in poorly lit environments. These are only a few factors that need to be considered in workwear. We at CTT Group are PPE’s specialists and can assist you whether you are a manufacturer, a designer, a procurement officer or an end-user.