ITMC 2022 was a great success: 3 days, more than 65 presentations, 11 keynotes, 13 countries, 190 participants.

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The goal of ITMC is to spread knowledge on the textile research which is taking place around the world. Hearing and learning from speakers as well as the audience, has educated us on how textile is such a cutting-edge material and can be used in so many fields including for some very demanding applications such as smart textiles or as reinforcement for composite parts.

“We have been able to hear from 15 speakers throughout 3 sessions on the topic of Smart and functional textiles. The innovation in this field is of great importance especially for application related to health and well-being as intelligent garments can provide concrete solutions to an overwhelmed healthcare system.

We also heard 6 presentations on the topic of Digital tools and Mass Customization. In the era of the 4.0 industry, technology is nowadays at the heart of the manufacturing process.

Another important trend of research which has prompted no less than 13 presentations on the theme of sustainable production and ecotextiles. Textile innovation is nowadays strongly related to the ecological impact of the textile product on its environment and the industry is actively looking for greener way to produce textiles.

That being said, the performance of technical textiles remains a major challenge and has been addressed through two themes: Nanotechnology and advanced technical textiles as well as Comfort and Protective textiles which gathered no less than 17 presentations.

This 8th edition of ITMC is also placed in a special context of pandemics and it was important to outline the various innovation which have been made in the medical textile sector, through 7 presentations including some directly related to COVID-PPE.

Last but not least, we had no less than 11 presentations related to composites and textile reinforcement. This theme actually gathered several sub-topics discussed above such as greener materials including bio-sourced textile reinforcements and the use of natural fibers.

ITMC 2022 was an event rich in scientific content, to say the least! And it is not all what ITMC was about. When we started this event on Monday, I mentioned some other indirect goals of the conference which were :

  • To encourage communication between academics the industry in order to create new partnerships.
  • To exchange ideas and opinions on subjects of common interest
  • To create contacts between people, especially between business and students

I am very happy that in the last three days we have exceeded even my most optimistic expectations in all respects, during the sessions, and outside, socially, during the activities organised by the committee.” Explains Justine Decaens, Eng. M. A. Sc., Director, Research and Development at CTT Group, host of ITMC 2022.

Thanks to our Partners, amongst them: Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe, Duvaltex, Elkimia, Logistik and TechniTextile Québec, we have been able to present a high-end event in the heart of Montreal.

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