Through its Ecotextile Research Chair, held by Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim, the CTT initiated works on textile finishing without water and with low power consumption.

The first results of this project are presented diring the 3rd innovation day of Global Fiber Congress in Dornbirn, Austria, on the 14th of september 2023.

Congress details here :

“Towards a durable finished textile: light-curing process for stretch textiles.”

Century-old textile processing and finishing techniques have been subject to incremental improvements for several decades. The majority use of aqueous formulations with mass percentages of water that can exceed 70% justifies the need for heating stages at high temperatures that vary according to the type of fiber. This limits the finish of the stretch supports. In times of rising energy prices and growing ecological awareness, the CTT Group has initiated the project to develop a light-curing coating suitable for stretch supports. A light-curing formulation has been developed.

This solvent-free formulation made it possible to achieve the finish at room temperature in 5 times less time (30 seconds for 2 to 3 minutes usually required thermally).

Water/fabric contact angle measurement – ASTM D7490.

This switch from the thermal process to the photochemical process will ensure a reduction (an estimate based on Quebec-2020 data) of 10x the equivalent of carbon dioxide per kilowatt-hour consumed.

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