Overview of our Mesdan prototyping carding machine, drawframe and ringspun for R&D.

Spinning line is composed of a carding machine, a miniature drawframe & mini ring spinning lab

Mini ring-spinning machine for yarn prototyping at our Research and development facility

Production of yarn prototypes by ring spinning

First yarn prototypes on the CTT laboratory spinning line

This state-of-the-art equipment is versatile and gives us the opportunity to work for different applications :

  • Evaluation of the capacity to use recycled fibers from shredding processes
    • Recycling post production or post consumer textiles is one of the tools for waste management and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/) . This equipment will give the opportunity to industrial partners to evaluate the feasibility of yarn using these types of recycled fibers.
  • Evaluation of yarn spinning with natural fibers
    • With a growing demand for natural fibers and project to explore potentials with such fibers, there is a need to evaluate the possibility of yarn processing. This equipment will help manufacturers for proof of concepts, optimisation of yarn, and much more.
  • Evaluation of fiber blends properties
    • One step ahead : testing a new blend of fiber to reduce raw materials cost, carbon footprint, simplify your supply chain.

The equipment is made of 3 modules :

  1. Laboratory carding machine
  2. Miniature drawframe
  3. Mini ring spinning lab

Additional prototypes such as woven and knitted materials is also available to complete industry project. Our prototyping capacities.

Once the yarn is produced (or a fabric), a performance testing is available at CTT.

Quick view of the training session by Mesdan, at CTT : Mini ligne de filature pour prototypage de fils

This equipment is operating since june 2022

Data at a glance :

Minimum fiber need : 50 grams
Fiber type : short staple fibers 20 to 102mm (0.75” to 4”)
Average production (Card) 4kg/h
Spinning machine : 6 spindles
Yarn size : Ne 8 up to Ne 80 ( 7 to  74 Tex) [ 66 denier to 664 deniers ]

More information : info@gcttg.com