Transportation - Research, Development & Innovation

Transportation - Innovation


At CTT Group we are working on various R & D projects that will continue to improve transportation, enhance the experience for the traveller and advance the production it entails.  We work closely with industry to boost the performance of fabrics and textile-based materials in order to make travelling quicker, safer and less costly.

An example of our research work entails 3D textiles used in composite materials (click here to see our Dry Preforms Production Technologies for Composites).  The CTT research team is developing a 3D textile reinforcement material used in the manufacturing of composite materials.  These advanced materials will make planes lighter allowing for less fuel consumption and less costs.

Intelligent Textiles also play a big role in reducing the overall weight of vehicles.  Electronic components integrated (embedded) directly into the vehicle textiles, as is the case for textile switches that manage the opening of doors and windows, or the integration of optical fibres contained in cars or conductive threads woven into seat belts… the possibilities offered by intelligent textiles are remarkable.