VOC Laboratory - Volatile Organic Compounds



Hazardous substances harmful to consumers' health and to the environment are increasingly being evaluated, regulated and at times banned by governments. Textiles as well can contain hazardous substances once they've undergone manufacturing, dyeing and laminating, finishing, printing or dry-cleaning processes. It is therefore crucial to be able to identify and control these concentrations.

In the transportation, furniture and construction industries, materials in general can emit VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and present dangerous levels of toxicity. These materials need to be tested against VOC'S and need to be certified safe.

In order for industry to obtain the necessary product certification, CTT Group has recently set up a new VOC laboratory equipped to extract and sample VOC's and to analyze toxicity levels of organic compounds.

In addition to its specialized laboratory, CTT Group has developed the expertise required to provide standard testing used for the textile industry including: ISO 16000-3; ASTM D7706-11, D6196-03, D5116-10, USEPA 8270D.